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Limited edition 180g vinyl / gatefold cover - only 300 pieces available

The Nielsen Valley - Uptown By The Rails Pt I & II (12" VINYL)

kr 230,00Price
  • The Nielsen Valley - Uptown By The Rails Pt I & II

    This is a limited edition double EP on a 12" vinyl
    180g/gatefold cover

    Side A - Uptown By The Rails Pt I
    1. Back Of The Yards
    2. Uptown By The Rails
    3. There Is The Low, There Is The High
    4. In Between Sound And Sleep
    5. Drifting Through The Galaxies
    6. The Bedouin Poster

    Side B - Uptown By The Rails Pt II
    1. 29.09
    2. East Of Origins
    3. The Grand Finale
    4. Opresión de Pecho
    5. Wasteland

    Salieu Dibba - Percussion (Side A), Karagnan (Side B)
    David Miilmann - Slide Guitar (Drifting Through The Galaxies)
    Rune Højmark Jensen - Lapsteel (Uptown By The Rails)
    All other instruments by Laust 'Krudtmejer' Nielsen

    Production, mix, mastering by Laust 'Krudtmejer' Nielsen

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